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Xylem TreeCare project management team is dedicated to understanding all aspects of the project and by having each stage of the project managed by Xylem TreeCare, any issues that should arise are handled as effectively and efficiently as possible, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our core service offerings include:

Arboricultural Consultancy 

Utilising the latest diagnostic equipment and reporting systems, Xylem TreeCare is considered to be at the forefront of arboricultural consultancy. Our comprehensive industry experience and meticulous tree assessments have given us the ability to make knowledgeable recommendations for current and future tree assets management. 

Tree Reports

At Xylem TreeCare, we pride ourselves on providing highly detailed and comprehensive tree reports. Utilising diagnostic equipment and reporting systems, clients will receive a clear outline of the current condition of the tree and recommendations for best managing the tree asset now and into the future.

Our previous reporting work has included;

•    Arborist reports for Council submission in accordance with
•    AS4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites
•    Local Government roads and drains tree impact reports
•    Tree construction impact assessments
•    Tree health and condition reporting
•    Works programming and budgeting
•    Undertaking scientific research (5 active trials throughout Australia) for the use of Paclobutrazol to ascertain the impacts on:
•    Tree growth (growth regulation)
•    Tree and plant health
•    Drought mitigation

Tree Health Care 

Xylem TreeCare focuses on problem prevention as the first point of call when it comes to tree care. Utilising our extensive project management and planning skills, Xylem TreeCare focus on tree selection, soil improvements, planting and tree maintenance.

Should the need arise, we are also well versed in the principles of Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPDM). 

Tree Management

Xylem TreeCare provides detailed tree management guidelines from planning to the construction phase and well into the future. 

Through proficient project management, our team can monitor work and provide advice in line with compliance and understanding of all stakeholders.

Tree Surveys - Data and Mapping 

Xylem TreeCare’s ability to keep up with the technological advances in the industry ensures that we can utilise a range of data collection and data mapping devices to accurately scope each tree individually. Using both digital GIS based software and on the ground tagging methods, each tree is thoroughly investigated in relation to the requirements of your  project.

Xylem TreeCare can assess and evaluate sites and visualise and plan the spatial distribution of trees. Keeping in mind key tree density figures, the team will determine if a particular area is lacking tree cover and vegetation.

All planning assets and data is provided to relevant stakeholders.
Xylem TreeCare then work to ensure the reduction of unnecessary expenditure and minimise and manage risks.

With an emphasis on density visualisation, analysis and monitoring, Xylem TreeCare can conduct the following;

•    Visual Tree Assessments using the principles of Quantified Tree Risk
•    Assessment (QTRA) or Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)
•    Tree hazard assessment reports
•    Street tree surveys
•    Tree diagnostics and recommendations
•    Vegetation surveys
•    Construction site tree management plans to AS4970- 2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites
•    Tree root investigations
•    Elm Leaf Beetle treatment
•    Urban forest plans
•    Expert witness provision
•    Construction/development supervision
•    Open space asset inventories

TreeCare Capability Statement

Download Xylem TreeCare Capability Statement

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