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Responsible tree management is at the heart of what we do


Xylem has an enormous amount of industry knowledge and experience, and we’ve been operating since 2005.  The team at Xylem have a deep knowledge of arboriculture, local laws and relevant tree-related overlays.
Xylem TreeCare assists an array of clients in high-level arboricultural consultancy across all industry disciplines. Specialising in tree health, surveys and management, these services are delivered through innovative systems that ensure quality results every time.


The Team

Our employees are our greatest and most valuable asset.  We pride ourselves in having a broad spectrum of skills within the team, all complimenting each other.  We invest greatly in our staff, encouraging improvement, training and continuous growth.

Each member of the team is well equipped in providing information and advice for any client concern including tree planning, retention and removal. We can confidently undertake detailed tree survey work using the latest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in order to locate, photograph, survey and manage tree data.

Our team believes in greater protection of existing trees within urban spaces like streetscapes, schools, parks and other public spaces. By increasing the value assessment of the tree’s amenity qualities, urban planners may be deterred from removal and instead produce responsive design outcomes that benefit the community. By supporting clients with the creation of strategic and sustainable tree management solutions, we aim to reduce urban heat islands in city areas, connect bio-diverse locations, improve urban health and ecology as well as improving the overall amenity of community areas.

Servicing across the country

Xylem currently employs individuals across Eastern Australia and in remote locations, with offices at Maroochydore in Queensland and St Kilda in Victoria. (See Locations Map) It is the aim of the business to source both staff and materials within local regions where possible, in order to support, protect and contribute to local communities and economies.



Clients are able to consult Xylem TreeCare for individual services or for the management of an entire project. Our specialised teams are experts in the field, ensuring all areas of a project are undertaken with care and consistency. You can expect final products to be of the highest quality with all legislative requirements met in a timely fashion.

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Back in 2005, Travis Wyper started the business primarily as a Career Development Program in the Arboricultural Industry. It since developed into Pinnacle ArborPro and established working relationships with Rainbow Treecare in the US, and developing our Arbor Scientific arm of the organisation.

Today, Travis and the Xylem team are dedicated to producing positive outcomes for clients by delivering innovative, tailor-made solutions, across our service locations.  Xylem TreeCare assists clients across the nation in the fields of arboricultural consultancy and vegetation management.

Throughout the years, Xylem has had the opportunity to work with a broad client base that covers a range of work types and environments. This exposure has provided the team with a deep understanding across all arboricultural industries and allows us to confidently assist in managing tree assets as well as producing detailed consultation reports for clients. We currently service State and Local Governments, corporate clients, utilities and the general public throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Xylem is well-known for using and developing innovative technology systems and software to ensure that clients are delivered leading-edge services. Since 2005, Xylem has been trusted in developing strong processes which enable us to transfer knowledge and provide a consistent and reliable product. We run an Integrated Management System that integrates Quality, Safety and Environmental frameworks. Through computerisation of speciality services, the team assists clients to move into the 21st century while also positioning themselves for success.


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