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Vegetation management


Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is highly important within urban environments. Xylem TreeTech is passionate about partnering with stakeholders and industries to help plan ahead and manage vegetation for positive outcomes to communities, including enhanced green spaces and management of vegetation near powerlines. Continuous vegetation management reduces the potential harm to people, damage to property or the local environment.

Xylem TreeTech can be engaged for the following vegetation management services:

  • Scoping of vegetation in preparation for outsourcing to external tree clearing contractors

  • Visual Tree Assessments using the principles of Quantified Tree Risk Assessment or Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

  • Technical arboriculture reporting 

  • Development of re-vegetation plans

  • Management of vegetation remediation projects

  • Compliance auditing of external contractors

  • Powerline inspections and works programming

We have invested heavily in new technologies and introduced our innovations into the projects we work on.


These include:

• Introduction of Tree Growth Regulators (TGRs) into the amenity arboriculture industry
• Undertaking scientific research trials for several tree-related issues 
• Development of an industry-first risk model using LiDAR data
• Development of a vegetation and tree GIS-based data collection and management system

Specifically, we are particularly proud of some of our more notable innovations which include:

Cambistat Tree Growth Management System 


Xylem Trees was integral in the introduction of the Cambistat Tree Growth Management System (CTGMS) into Australia through a strategic partnership with US-based company, Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements. Cambistat™ is a product that has been scientifically formulated by Rainbow Treecare to deliver predictable tree growth regulation and improved drought tolerance on a wide range of tree species.

Xylem Trees and Rainbow Treecare Scientific together have developed a new company “Arbor Scientific” which is now commercialised throughout Australia.   

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